Unlock Programme

The UNLOCK programme offers a range of online course and  has been developed for young people aged 15-18.

All courses are around 6-weeks long and delivered by professionals in their field including artists, youth workers, entrepreneurs, activists, industry professionals and so on. The programme designers have curated a unique and exciting range of standout courses, including:

  • ‘Make money from your side hustle’: How to legitimately make money online and offline (set up your own business)
  • Creating amazing music videos (go viral)
  • Running an arts performance event (ending in a showcase)
  • Becoming a youth worker (with paid work experience and qualification level 1)
  • Creating a ‘Zine’ about gender equality (working creatively with different visual artists)
  • Learning about critical thinking through Drill music (delivered by an amazing hip hop project)

Full info on each course can be found here.

Referrals are being made via website https://lambethmade.org/unlock/ There is a referral form for the practitioners and a simple application form for the young person.

Referrals are being taken until 26th June only – places are limited so you will need to move fast!

For any questions, please contact Shaff Prabatani via the programme-specific email: UNLOCK@lambeth.gov.uk.