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Individual Heating

If your individual heating system fails or you have problems with hot water, then you should call our heating engineers, SWALE HEATING on 01795 477098. This is a 24hr repair line so should be contacted at any time of day and at weekends.

Communal Heating

Where you are part of the communal heating system you pay for your heating and hot water through your rent. If you find that you cannot get heating or hot water, you should contact the Lambeth Contact Centre on 020 7926 6000. Choose option 1, option 2 and then option 1 again and when you speak to the call handler you should tell them where you live and tell them that the repair is being dealt with by OCO.

If you have lost hot water, you do have a backup immersion heater on your tank, which you can use until the main system is up and running. However, you should still contact the Council as using the immersion heater may be expensive.