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Roupell Park has committed to make environmental improvements on the estate and have made this a priority in our business plan. The first part of the improvements, the new sports pitch, was a great success, so we are now able to concentrate on our green spaces in the next phase.

In autumn 2022 we received funding from the Brockwell Live Community Fund to run a series of biodiversity themed workshops. The delivery partner for these workshops is Social Landscapes ; we have successfully collaborated with them on previous projects, and they remain our key partner, delivering further projects as the ‘greening’ programme is rolled out.

The first three workshops have already taken place, so do not miss out on the remaining two. A small gardening group has been formed following the first three workshops, but we need more of you to get involved to fulfil our planting targets.  Apart from contributing to the communal spaces, you have a chance to adopt your own planter, in front of your block, and you can choose what you’d like to grow, from plants, herbs, veggies or flowers. A handful of residents have already come forward, so hurry if you’d like one too.

There is something very gratifying in watching things grow and bloom first hand. In return for your time, you will not only give a boost to your immediate environment but also a boost to your spirits in return; we promise. It's been shown that gardening routines do lighten one’s mood and lower levels of stress and anxiety. Collectively, we do not spend enough time outdoors, so this activity could be enjoyably good for you.

The upcoming planting workshop is scheduled for Saturday, 24th June, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The designated meeting point is the Roupell Park Community Centre, which is located adjacent to Hyperion House. During the workshop, the main focus will be on planting activities centered around the planters near Tilford and Tanhurst House.

Each workshop is free of charge, but you do need to register your name, as spaces are limited. Please contact Michel from Social Landscapes on 07901 036220, or email

Away from these workshops, we have plans to work on wild gardens and to create other pocket gardens, similar to the one next to Hyperion House, which has totally transformed this space.