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One of our great successes remains the After School Club, run by CEF Lyncx. This is now in its seventh year, and its third year since it’s gone digital. The reason behind the transformation, from the classroom to an online delivery format, following the outbreak of Covid-19, was to maintain continuity of service during the lockdown phase. Even so, this model seems to be working very well. This has allowed children to attend supported learning classes, which are available Monday to Thursday, from 5 – 7pm, in the comfort of their own homes. Subjects cover literacy (English) and numeracy (Maths) for key stages 1 – 3, with the core aim to help young people achieve and improve their personal attainment levels in these core curricular subjects. Since the sessions have gone digital, numbers have kept increasing - this year has seen a further surge in the number of beneficiaries: Roupell Park has had 58 registrations, in comparison to 25 from the previous year.

As this model has no geographical limitations, young people from other estates can attend these sessions at the same time, so CEF Lyncx has reported more than 300 registrations in total. Young people work from their own virtual breakout rooms, so this means that they can work on their own subject, in their own peer group, and at their own pace. The attendance has been impressive, too. All children achieved a 95% attendance score, in comparison to 90% last year, and 68% the year before, when sessions were in a normal classroom environment. All this gives more than enough reason to think that the digital model is here to stay for the long haul: It enables more efficient delivery for both staff, young people and their respective families. It cuts down travel time, enables other family members to take part, and it allows a greater number of young people to take part. The After School Club is currently not taking any new registrations, but you can contact Christian to apply for the new Autumn school term 2023.

Please contact Christian Johnson: