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The RPRMO Board is responsible for the way in which the estate is managed. Most of its members are residents of the estate and are directly elected by the residents. There are also currently two co-opted members, recruited by the Board because of their wider experience and expertise to support the rest of the Board.

The Estate Director reports to the Board and so the staff employed by RPRMO are directly accountable to it.

The Board sets the overall strategic direction of the organisation, agreeing its objectives through the business plan and all policies and procedures. It also monitors the performance of the organisation, both against performance targets and progress against business plan targets.

The Board also sets the budget for the year to make sure that the money that RPRMO receives from the Council is spent in a way that directly benefits the residents. In this way the Board can, on behalf of the residents deliver services in a different way from the Council and prioritise what is most important to them. As an example, it has chosen to spend some of the budget on Community Development activities which the Council does not do.

Roupell Park Board Members

Mary Simpson Chair of the Board/Executive Board Member
Alex Ekumah Resident Board Member
Alieu Corneh Resident Board Member
Oni Idigu Treasurer/ Executive Board Member
Molly Sinclair OAP Co-Ordinator
Sandra Yamoah Resident Board Member
Edward Andrews Secretary/ Executive Board Member
Agnes Nyuma Resident Board Member
Kayla Reid Resident Board Member
Japer Osei Resident Board Member
Simon Senior Co-opted
Ethel Fosu Co-opted
Haroon Smith Resident Board Member
David McKinnon Resident Board Member