Resident Involvment and Consultation





A Service Standard lets you know what we should be doing on your estate. It allows you to look at the service we are providing and to assess whether we are doing what we said we would.

Resident involvement and engagement is at the centre of what RPRMC stands for as a Resident Management Organisation. However we recognise that everyone has busy lives and that they will all want to be involved in different ways. This service standard is based upon our Community Development and Involvement Strategy which sets out a menu of involvement that allows any resident to be involved in the way and at the time that suits them. Our menu currently covers

  • Board Membership
  • RPRMC Membership
  • Attending general meetings
  • Participating in Focus Groups
  • Being a member of the resident panel
  • Replying to surveys
  • Reading news letter or the annual report
  • Using our website or social media
  • Using our suggestion box
  • Taking part in community events
  • Being members of community groups, e.g. our over 55 group

If you understand the service we are supposed to be providing, it allows you to help us to monitor how we and our contractors are doing. It therefore allows us to improve the quality of the service we provide by getting feedback direct from you. You live on the estate so it is your views that are important.

This Service Standard was set after widespread consultation with the residents on the estate which included us sending round a draft version to everyone on the estate and holding a meeting with all the residents on the estate. It was then agreed by the RPRMC Board.

Participation and Involvement

We Will

  • Put resident participation and involvement at the centre of everything that we do
  • Ensure all our residents from our diverse community are able to get involved and get their views across including supporting groups from parts of the community who would not otherwise be involved
  • Ensure all participation and involvement is compliant with our equal opportunities and diversity policy
  • Ensure that our menu of involvement is made real and developed according to the needs of the community
  • Develop our resident panel and enable to influence the way in which we deliver services by consulting them on a regular basis when we are making changes to the way we work
  • Provide training for residents to help them to get involved
  • Report back to residents who have taken part in participation events about the changes that they helped to make no later than 2 weeks after an involvement event has taken place
  • Actively try to recruit new members of RPRMC and the Board through an annual recruitment drive and through advertising in the news letter



We Will

  • Put resident consultation at the centre of everything that we do and not make major changes to the way we provide services without talking to you first
  • Make sure that the feedback we get from you is used in shaping our services
  • Ensure that all information we provide is in a format according to the needs to all of our residents
  • Use a variety of ways to talk to residents including our website, social media, newsletters, public meetings, community groups and events
  • Ensure you receive at least 4 newsletters a year plus our annual report
  • Hold a minimum of 4 public meetings a year