Seated Pilates Course for Adults, February 2021

In partnership with Morley College, we are able to run a six-week online Seated Pilates course; on Thursdays at 2pm - 3pm, from 18 February – 25 March (no half-term break) The course is free of charge, so all you need is Wi-Fi and a laptop or smart phone. 
The course Is aimed at all age groups including those with limited mobility and the elderly. It will help you develop muscular strength and flexibility. It not only works the core and legs in a way that positively affects balance, but it also mobilizes all major joints. A part of the class is set to music and repeated every week to develop coordination and cognitive function. The breathing exercises and stretches at the end of the class might help reduce stress and bring a sense of calm and focus. 
If you are interested, then please apply online by dropping an email to Eva at or call on 07983 584767. We will then send you your log-in details, a week ahead of the start date of the course.