Roupell Park RMO Covid-19 Hardship Fund

Roupell Park RMO

Covid-19 Hardship Fund



We are facing unprecedented times as a result of the pandemic of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Many of our residents will find themselves in significant financial problems as a result of losing their jobs or being placed on furlough. We also need to recognise that many of our residents will already have high levels of debt as a result of low and uncertain levels of income. It is also likely that these debts will incur very high rates of interest.

RPRMO has set up a hardship fund to help to alleviate some of the financial problems associated with extreme indebtedness associated with the effects of COVID-19. A total £10,000 will be allocated from allowances/surpluses to the fund. Access to the fund will be allocated on a need basis and until such time that the fund is exhausted. The fund will operate throughout the financial year 01/04/2020 – 31/03/2021.

Purpose of the fund is to provide funding in relation to one off costs that are impossible to meet in current circumstances. This may include helping with funeral costs, replacement of essential white goods, costs relating to the direct provision of support to people with Covid-19 or other underlying conditions during social isolation or unplanned travel costs to attend funerals or to care for relatives.

The fund will be available to all tenants and leaseholders of Roupell Park. Members of the Community who live in the private rented sector are not able to access the fund. The fund is available to -

  • Assist tenants and leaseholders who are prevented from attending work due to contracting COVID-19
  • Assist tenants and leaseholders who experience a loss of income as a result of self-isolation due to exposure to COVID-19
  • Assist tenants and leaseholders who experience a loss of income as a result of statutory sick pay or imposed leave from their normal place of work
  • Assist tenants and leaseholders who are unable to attend work to enable them to care for family members affected by COVID-19
  • Assist tenants and leaseholders who have been required to take unpaid leave to care for a child who is unable to attend school as a result of an enforced school closure.


Applying for the Hardship Fund

Applications to the fund are available online. Residents may also request an application by email or on the phone. The application must be completed by the tenant or leaseholder. If they are unable to complete an application, a nominated person who holds a ‘power of attorney’ may complete the form on their behalf. In instances where a tenant has been hospitalised for a period of time a retrospective application may be made no later than 1 month after discharge.

Applications are limited to one claim per household to a maximum value of £1000.

All claims must be recorded on the fund monitoring sheet

Assessing the Claim

A claim should be assessed by either the Community Development and Partnership Manager or the Housing Officer. They will ensure that all qualifying documents are submitted and their receipt confirmed. Qualifying documents will include the following as necessary -

  • Wage slips showing loss of income
  • Letter from employer
  • Letter from GP or discharge notes
  • Letters from school or childcare provider
  • Proof of power of attorney
  • Bank statements showing change in income
  • Death certificate

Once the claim has been assessed it must be given to the Estate Director for approval.

Any decision will be made within 5 working days of the claim and payment made with 15.

All claimants will be given the decision in writing and if the claim is rejected then the reason for this will be given.

Payments will be made by BACS only and expenditure against the fund monitored by the Finance Manager.

Please send the filled out form to