Greening the Estate

Some of you may have noticed that the community garden in front of Hyperion House is now well maintained and in full bloom, all thanks to Clement. Clement is a dedicated resident who has been working on the garden over the past few months, to bring it to the quality it has now. The garden has been more precious than ever, providing an outdoor space to sit and relax with a neighbour, as it hasn’t been possible to do the same indoors with Covid restrictions in place. It’s been a nice time of the year to do so, as the (slowly) improving weather lifts our mood; a proven remedy to alleviate anxiety. Good for stocking up on Vitamin D too, which is fundamental to maintaining our immune system.

You may have noticed that some blocks have nice flowers and even vegetables. Could this be a time to start your own vegetable patch next to your block? Growing your own fruit, herbs and vegetables can be an excellent way to save money on your weekly shop. Home-grown produce will taste all the better after your hard grafting, and it’s good exercise! Roupell Park are here to help, if you would like to join in in this green adventure. We also have a budget for purchasing plants/edibles for you to grow; all you need to do is invest your time and enthusiasm. If this is of interest, drop us a line via email or call us on 07983 584767.