Football Pitch Renewal

Great News! On 9 August we will start to upgrade our old football pitch to a modern, multi-sport (MUGA) facility which can be used for football, basketball, and netball. This has been a long-standing ambition that is happening now because of the enthusiasm of a previous generation of young people and their passion for football, and for sport in general. 

The new facility, will allow us to engage more residents, encouraging wider participation in the activities on offer. As well as young people we encourage other age groups to get involved. We also make our activities more inclusive for girls’ sport, and for people with disabilities.  We already have agreements with Fulham Football club to run weekly football sessions for adults as well as provide sessions for those with disabilities, and girls-only sessions. 

To allow this to happen major construction will need to take place by our contractor, Chiltern Sports, 

This means that for a period of 6 weeks, or longer if there are any delays, there will be some disruption in terms of noise and dust generation. This will be kept to a minimum, but some nuisance is inevitable.  Also, parking will be restricted on Deepdene Gardens, as large vehicles will have to gain access to the construction site. We will mark out the bays we will need and will leaflet all cars parked in them in advance before we put barriers up. Please work with us, so that large vehicles can access the site. 

Chiltern will also set up a site compound on the grass near Albury Lodge. However, access to the building will still be possible. We will let those most affected know in advance what this will mean for them. 

We apologise in advance for any disruption the works cause, particularly to those residents living adjacent to the site.  The works will be in operation Mondays to Fridays only, between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Should there be any exceptions to these hours, we will inform you separately. 

One of the trees, which is close to the existing football pitch, is scheduled to be removed in the week prior to the works commencing, as a report on the health of the existing trees found that this specimen is not in good shape and, given its limited life expectancy, it would be best to remove it now. We plan to plant four trees in the area, so the final number of trees is greater than at present. 

When everything is complete, we will have a launch event – more detail on this is to follow.