Community help at Roupell Park during the Covid-19 crisis

20th April 2020

Dear Resident,

Community help at Roupell Park during the Covid-19 crisis

This letter is an update on what we at Roupell Park are doing to support our residents during the ‘lockdown’. Although our office doors may be closed, we are still here to assist you. In order to keep things local and to simplify the process of providing help, we now have our own Roupell Park Resident Volunteers.

What can they do for you? If you can’t get out …

  • The volunteers can help with your shopping and prescription collections.
  • Call us on our office landline 020 7926 0214 or drop us an email with your request at and we will contact the volunteers on your behalf.
  • A named volunteer will then contact you and arrange to pick up your grocery list or prescription. Volunteers will need the money in advance to get your shopping.

We are regularly in touch with our elderly and more vulnerable residents. If we haven’t contacted you so far, and you feel that we or our volunteers can be of help to you, please call us. We will be happy to hear from you.

For some residents, especially those who live alone, it’s vital to maintain social contact. If you are feeling lonely, get in touch with us and we will find someone who would enjoy a friendly chat with you.


Keep safe - stay at home and stay connected …


Simon Oelman

Estate Director