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Coffee Morning Group

The coffee morning group has been temporarily suspended, as we are still operating in a high risk Covid environment. We are in the process of testing a virtual coffee morning. If you’d like to take part, do send us your email address, to, and we will forward an invitation. It will take place on Tuesday mornings, from 10.30am - 12pm.


Seated Pilates Course for Adults, February 2021

In partnership with Morley College, we are able to run a six-week online Seated Pilates course; on Thursdays at 2pm - 3pm, from 18 February – 25 March (no half-term break) The course is free of charge, so all you need is Wi-Fi and a laptop or smart phone. 
The course Is aimed at all age groups including those with limited mobility and the elderly. It will help you develop muscular strength and flexibility. It not only works the core and legs in a way that positively affects balance, but it also mobilizes all major joints. A part of the class is set to music and repeated every week to develop coordination and cognitive function. The breathing exercises and stretches at the end of the class might help reduce stress and bring a sense of calm and focus. 
If you are interested, then please apply online by dropping an email to Eva at or call on 07983 584767. We will then send you your log-in details, a week ahead of the start date of the course.

The After-School Club - Free virtual study support

Since the lockdown, Study support has gone ‘digital’. The sessions offer supported learning in literacy, numeracy and science. This enabled our young people to stay on top of their curriculum while schools were in lockdown.

The model has proved to be a great success, as it enables more young people to take part from the comfort of their own homes, and involves parents to a much greater extent in the process, given the fact the they are responsible for the child’s behaviour during the sessions. The sessions also enable younger siblings to take part, so altogether it is more of a family affair. 

The only prerequisite is that you are a Lambeth resident, with an email address and have access to the internet; the sessions are FREE of charge. You can choose which day of the week suits your child best, as the sessions run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 5 - 7pm.

Sessions will resume in the week commencing 14 September and if you want to enrol your child please do so by contacting Christian Johnson on 07706 179 851 or register on

Please check out the latest animation for the virtual study support.

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