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Football Pitch Renewal - Update

Our long-standing ambition to renew and upgrade the football pitch is about to become a reality. It has taken a full year’s work, to secure external funds and obtain planning permission, to make this project viable.  Planning permission is now granted, and part of the funds (£75 000,00) have been awarded by the Veolia Trust. A decision on the balance of funding is now with the Football Foundation. We are awaiting their final approval, which should be any time now.  Pending a positive outcome from the Football Foundation, the works are planned to commence in July 2021. The dilapidated football pitch will be transformed into a modern multi-sports facility which, in addition to football, will enable basketball and netball sessions to take place.

The works will last for up to 8 weeks and, during that time, residents who live around the football pitch area will inevitably suffer some inconvenience and disturbance from noise and dust, increased traffic (trucks delivering materials), and the temporary suspension of some parking bays. However, the outcome of all this should prove a worthwhile benefit to the local community, as the site will be transformed by this new amenity. After we have obtained the funds, we will be able to confirm the start date for the works. Then we will consult fully with the residents from the surrounding blocks about the detail of what’s involved.

Return of Football Sessions on the estate

Changes in government guidelines now allow us to resume our organised football sessions with Fulham FC Foundation. They are now  held on Thursdays, from 5.30 – 6.30pm. There will still be some COVID related safety procedures in place, nonetheless.  First and foremost, you will have to book for each session online, via the following link:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact via email: or call Paul Smithers, Youth and Community Manager on 07500 108495.

Each session can accommodate no more than 12 participants at one time, so it is advised that you book early to avoid disappointment. In addition, everyone must bring hand sanitiser, and young people are encouraged to wear masks to and from sessions. Please note that the sessions are for 11 – 18 year olds. These measures are likely to stay in place even after the government announces that the restriction period is over, to make sessions as safe as possible for all.

Please share the good news with others who may be interested in the sessions!

Youth Forum

Over the past 5 years, in partnership with CEF Lyncx, we have worked to develop the Youth Forum. This is more than just an opportunity for young people to get together.

These young people are fast becoming responsible citizens, capable of voicing their opinion in an informed way. For us, it’s never been simply a matter of ‘getting them off the streets’ but seeking to genuinely understand the issues that are of concern to young people and help them to find solutions for them. This project has shown that engaging with young people is a win-win situation: for them, it’s a platform to voice their views and develop skills in leadership, and for us, it’s about developing the next generation of young leaders and responsible citizens. We have recently co-opted a young person, the Youth Forum Chair, to the main Board so, from now on, we will have a young voice to directly represent the voice of young people in the way our business is run.

The meetings take place via Zoom, every second Tuesday of the month from 6 – 7pm. There are many other volunteering opportunities available, of which some are in a paid capacity. For more information, contact Christian Johnson on 07706 179 851. 

Virtual Fit, Fun and Games for SEND young people

In collaboration with CEF Lyncx, we are running remote exercise sessions for young people, who are 14 years and over, with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) from our community centre, between 12 and 2pm on Saturdays. This includes stretching, dance and aerobic exercise – to join in is simple as an experienced tutor is making these sessions easy to follow and accessible. The exercises are designed to help balance, promote wellbeing, improve motor skills, and generate self-esteem.  Young people who have been regularly attending absolutely love it.

If you or your child might be interested, all you need to do is contact Navlet Williamson on 07984 337812 for more information. You can also register online by clicking on the following link:

Greening the Estate

Some of you may have noticed that the community garden in front of Hyperion House is now well maintained and in full bloom, all thanks to Clement. Clement is a dedicated resident who has been working on the garden over the past few months, to bring it to the quality it has now. The garden has been more precious than ever, providing an outdoor space to sit and relax with a neighbour, as it hasn’t been possible to do the same indoors with Covid restrictions in place. It’s been a nice time of the year to do so, as the (slowly) improving weather lifts our mood; a proven remedy to alleviate anxiety. Good for stocking up on Vitamin D too, which is fundamental to maintaining our immune system.

You may have noticed that some blocks have nice flowers and even vegetables. Could this be a time to start your own vegetable patch next to your block? Growing your own fruit, herbs and vegetables can be an excellent way to save money on your weekly shop. Home-grown produce will taste all the better after your hard grafting, and it’s good exercise! Roupell Park are here to help, if you would like to join in in this green adventure. We also have a budget for purchasing plants/edibles for you to grow; all you need to do is invest your time and enthusiasm. If this is of interest, drop us a line via email or call us on 07983 584767.

Coffee Morning Group

Molly, the chair of the coffee morning group and I have had regular updates during the lockdown. The members have also kept in close contact over the phone, and recently they have been meeting in small groups in the garden outside the community centre for a chat. It has been rather tough over the past months during the lockdown without their weekly catch-ups, over a ‘cuppa’. Quite a few have had only limited physical contact with their family members, due to the Covid restrictions; without a doubt, all this has generated a feeling of loneliness and isolation. We all know that loneliness can lead to depression, and depression to ill health. For many, this past year has taken its toll.

We are happy to announce that, owing to a successful vaccination programme, our collective isolation is coming to an end and our first coffee morning, following the easing of restrictions, will be on the 22 June. Meetings will then continue to take place every Tuesday from 10.30- 12.30pm at Roupell Park Community Centre.  Please note that masks will still need to be worn and social distancing maintained. New members are encouraged to join; a friendly chat and a warm welcome is guaranteed. For more information, and to register your attendance, please contact Eva Christmas on 07983 584 767.

Seated Pilates Course for Adults, February 2021

In partnership with Morley College, we are able to run a six-week online Seated Pilates course; on Thursdays at 2pm - 3pm, from 18 February – 25 March (no half-term break) The course is free of charge, so all you need is Wi-Fi and a laptop or smart phone. 
The course Is aimed at all age groups including those with limited mobility and the elderly. It will help you develop muscular strength and flexibility. It not only works the core and legs in a way that positively affects balance, but it also mobilizes all major joints. A part of the class is set to music and repeated every week to develop coordination and cognitive function. The breathing exercises and stretches at the end of the class might help reduce stress and bring a sense of calm and focus. 
If you are interested, then please apply online by dropping an email to Eva at or call on 07983 584767. We will then send you your log-in details, a week ahead of the start date of the course.

The After-School Club - Free virtual study support

Due to the pandemic, some actiivities were moved online, such as the After School Club. Going digital has enabled our young people to stay on top of their curriculum, all through the lockdown, by offering supported learning in literacy, numeracy, and science. It has also enabled more young people to take part, without overcrowded classrooms. It’s also eliminated travel time and has no geographical limitations, so young people from other estates can take part in the same lessons. In terms of learning style, digital lessons require students to be more proactive in their learning, which has been reflected in the outcomes.

The only prerequisite is that your household has internet access and that you have an email address through which you are able to log in; the sessions are otherwise FREE of charge to you. You can choose which day of the week suits your child best, as the sessions run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 5 - 7pm. Parents are asked to supervise their children, which provides you with an opportunity to get involved, too.

Sessions will continue until the end of term in the same digital format and will stop for the duration of the summer break but will be replaced by the Summer Programme. The digital model will most likely move to a blended model from September 2021 onwards, so that those families and children who prefer a physical presence, can take part, too.

If you would like to enrol your child, you can do so by contacting Christian Johnson on 07706 179851 or register on

Volunteering opportunities are available for those who are 16 years plus, in the capacity of online tutorials.

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